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You'll have the time of your life while dancing to DJ performances under the night sky or enjoying the animation team's entertaining daytime shows. The fun never stops at Papillon Zeugma with its beach parties, open-air disco and many more surprises.

Just relax is not enough...

    • How about some exercise?

      Papillon Zeugma is never complete without entertaining competitions such as football, beach volleyball, Digital Rifle Shooting and boccia.

    • The fantastic two: music and dancing...

      Enjoy the peaceful strumming of the guitar during dinner, listen to the wonderful melody of the piano while sipping on your after-dinner coffee and dance to the beats of the DJ during the heat of the night.

      Let the experts teach you the moves during the day and enjoy the rhythm of the music at night.

    • Are you ready for some fun competition?

      You'll never get enough of the entertaining competition while enjoying the pools or the inflatable course in the activity grounds during the day. It's always great fun to either take part in or watch two teams fiercely competing!

    • The fever of the night...

      Papillon Zeugma is setting the night on fire with surprise parties all season long and exclusive themes.

      Golden Oldies, Pirate Party, Pool Party and many more events will spice up your holiday.

    • BEACH
      A uniquely beautiful 250 meter Blue Flag shore where the endless navy of the Mediterranean falls in love with the warm golden sands...

      The sound of the waves will soothe your soul while the hot Mediterranean sun will warm your heart.
      Our swimming pools are specially designed to give you maximum pleasure during your stay.

      We have 1 indoor and 2 outdoor swimming pools (2,735 m2 132.5m2) for adults and 1 indoor and 2 outdoor swimming pools 132.5 m2) for children so they can have fun in safety.
      Feel the excitement and the fun at our water slides!

      The best part about the pools is the water slides! Come and enjoy it all at Papillon Zeugma.
  • Papillon Zeugma is at your services with its renovated fitness centre...

    If you can't live without exercise, you can keep working out during your holiday as well. We've redesigned the fitness centre with all the new trends and featuring Life Fitness and Hammer Strength Signature Series equipment. The cardio equipment, weight-lifting stations and free weights have been organised to maximize the efficiency of your training session.

    You can also exercise with the help of a professional trainer.

    The stations you can find in our fitness centre:

    Cardio equipment
    Treadmill (4), recumbent exercise bike (2), exercise bike (1), elliptical trainer (1) 

    Weight workout stations
    Seated leg curl, leg extension, shoulder press, chest press, hip adduction/hip abduction, stack tower, dual lat pulldown, triceps pushdown, dual row, cable crossover - outtrigger, smith machine, Olympic flat bench, multi - adjustable bench, flat bench, GX optional bike console, seated leg press, adjustable abdominal bench, leg raise, back extension, ab crunch bench.
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