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Papillon Zeugma has collected the best flavours of different cultures in 6 restaurants and 8 bars, each offering another spectacular concept, to meet every guest's expectations in taste.

The rich open buffet menu at Papillon Zeugma, crowned with the 20-year experience of Papillon, will appeal to both your taste buds and your sight. Always offering good quality service, Papillon Zeugma will serve spectacular flavours during your stay you that won't forget in your lifetime.

Unforgettable flavors...

  • Papillon Zeugma's main restaurant, Mosaic Restaurant, offers breakfast, late breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.

    Serving an assortment of various flavours, Mosaic Restaurant also serves dishes just for our tiny little guests.

    Mosaic Restaurant can serve up to 750 guests at the same time with indoor capacity for 400 and outdoor capacity for 350 guests. Our restaurant also offers a separate section especially designed for our little guests inside.
    • Arabesque Restaurant
      The magical world of the Middle East offers you a unique dining experience.

      Decoration complete the ambience and an exceptional menu by Papillon Hotels. Open 6 days a week and offers an indoor capacity for 56 people and an outdoor capacity for 36 people.
    • Haru Restaurant
      Serving amazing and unique Far Eastern flavours, our restaurant's exotic dishes will both please your appetite and entertain you.

      Open 6 days a week and offers an indoor capacity for 48 people and an outdoor capacity for 36 people.
    • Farfalle Restaurant
      Farfalle offers many exquisite flavours of the Mediterranean, exotic just like its climate to turn your holiday into a feast.

      Open 6 days a week and offers an indoor capacity for 52 people and an outdoor capacity for 36 people.
    • Mey'hane Restaurant
      Meyhane A la Carte Restaurant offers fresh seafood just out of the Mediterranean.

      You can enjoy various flavours from Turkish to Mediterranean cuisine at Meyhane A la Carte Restaurant, Open 6 days a week and offers an indoor capacity for 64 people and an outdoor capacity for 36 people.


    • Terrace Bar

      Discover Zeugma's historic essence while sipping your drink at Terrace Bar, open all day. Even if you just stop by to get a drink, you'll be mesmerised by Terrace Bar's stunning view and want to stay for hours.

    • Zeugma Bar

      You'll only be a heartbeat away from your favourite cocktail.

      Zeugma Bar located at Lobby floor; will be your favourite spot serving a wide variety of local and import alcoholic/non-alcoholic beverages that you can enjoy while having a great day at Papillon Zeugma.


    • Beach Bar
      Beach Bar is the perfect place to be if you want to spend your entire holiday by the beach. You can savour delightful foods and beverages during the day if you don't want to leave the beach, even to eat.

      Beach Bar is open from 08:00 to 00:00.
    • Z Lounge

      Comfort starts early and lasts longer. Papillon Z Lounge is the great welcome upon your arrival. Comfortable and relaxing athmosphere during or after the check out process.

      Papillon Z Lounge offers tasty snacks from 02:00 to 06:00,. Spacious and stylish rest areas with tv and wi-fi.

    • Wien Bar
      Wien Bar is a peaceful corner where you can enjoy tea and coffee varieties, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, signature cocktails.

      Wien Bar is open from 17:00 to 22:30.
    • Pool Bar
      Take a glass of Margarita, Daiquiri or one of the refreshing classic cocktails, enjoy the taste of your drink in a unique atmosphere.
  • Deliciousness of chocolate and richness of real coffee comes together. Papillon Zeugma’s tasty corner serves cupcakes, macarons, pralins, cakes and gourmet chocolates.
    Frappe, hot chocolate, macchiato and more flavours for Coffee fans will be ready to be served at Patisserie.

  • A rich variety of snacks served all day. Great selections of Westernwestern, Turkish and Mexican cuisine, pide varieties, gourmet sandwiches, a kids menu, stuffed baked potatoes, gözleme (Turkish pancakes), burgers, pizzas, döner, salads, fruits and desserts. All ready for you to enjoy!

    Serving 7 days of week between 11:00 – 16:00 hours.

    • *Snacks are served at the Pool Bar, Beach Bar from 12:00 to 16:00.
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