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You'll have the time of your life while dancing to DJ performances under the night sky, by the midnight blue of the Mediterranean or enjoying the animation team's entertaining daytime shows.

The fun never stops at Papillon Ayscha with its beach parties, open-air disco and many more surprises.

Just relax is not enough...

    • How about some exercise?
      Papillon Ayscha is never complete without entertaining competitions such as football, beach volleyball, airgun shooting and boccia.
    • The fantastic two: music and dancing...
      Enjoy the peaceful strumming of the guitar during dinner, listen to the wonderful melody of the piano while sipping on your after-dinner coffee and dance to the beats of the DJ during the heat of the night.
      Let the experts teach you the moves during the day and enjoy the rhythm of the music at night.
    • The fever of the night...
      Papillon Ayscha is setting the night on fire with surprise parties all season long and exclusive themes. Golden Oldies, Pirate Party, Pool Party and many more events will spice up your holiday.
    • Show programmes
      “Broadway” Dance Show, “Notre Dame de Paris” Musical Show, “Mister Macho” Guest Show, “Mongolian Acrobats” Acrobatic Show, “Lion King” Musical Show, “Action Street” Dance Show, “Crazy Mix” Sketch & Comedy Show, “Reyes Del Circo” Cuba Acrobatic Show, “Mamma Mia” Musical Show, “Miss Ayscha” Guest Show, “Fire of Anatolia - HÜRREM” Dance Show, “Aladdin” Musical Show, “Moscow State Circus” Acrobatic Show, “Adam & Eva – Best Couple” Guest Show.
    • BEACH
      Listen to the fine melody of the shiny blue waves, lying under the hot sun of the Mediterranean and enjoying your ice-cold drink.

      Our renovated hotel offers every single detail that you may need for you to comfortably enjoy the beach.
      Come jump in the large pool if your want to get away from the heat and have some fun.

      You're in for great surprises! We've got a waterpark for kids, an aquapark of 5 big slides for teenagers and adults and brand-new pools.
      Our improved aquapark offers wet fun in the sun to both our young and old guests with its 5 slide attractions.

      Now there's even more fun to share with new slides and extensions...
  • Papillon Ayscha is at your services with its renovated fitness centre...

    If you can't live without exercise, you can keep working out during your holiday as well. We've redesigned the fitness centre with all the new trends and featuring Life Fitness and Hammer Strength Signature Series equipment. The cardio equipment, weight-lifting stations and free weights have been organised to maximize the efficiency of your training session.

    You can also exercise with the help of a professional trainer.

    The stations you can find in our fitness centre:

    Cardio equipment
    Treadmill (4), recumbent exercise bike (1), exercise bike (1), elliptical trainer (2) 

    Weight workout stations
    Chest press machine, shoulder press machine, leg extension, leg curl, seated leg press, hip abductor / hip adductor, cable crossover, olympic flat bench, smith machine, dual row, triceps pushdown, lat pulldown, seated arm curl, utility bench, leg raise, adjustable abdominal bench, dumbell sets (2kg - 40kg), long olympic bar, ez bar, flat bench, multi adjustable bench, and back extension.
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