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Papillon Ayscha Hotel is the right place to create a captivating moment for all events, whatever you needs may be...

You'll find even more than you're looking for in the organisation of an event with our advance-technology equipment and expert staff.

Business world is meeting here...

  • Do you want to impress your guests or your business partners? Then Papillon Ayscha is the place to be...

    Papillon Ayscha offers the perfect atmosphere to both host your guests and hold productive meetings and is always at your disposal with its unique event organisation and hosting services, ready to boost your productivity and prestige.
    • Foyer
      Our meeting rooms and workshops located on floor A (upstairs lobby) of our facility is separate from the lobby and the other public areas used by our guests. This allows our guests who are part of meeting groups to gather and remain in the same area.

      Our participating guests (senior bureaucrats) can use the lifts or stairs to go to their rooms directly from this floor (without having to go to the lobby).
    • Gordion
      Our convention and meeting halls Gordion I, II and III have a foyer, 5 sun-lit lounges in the foyer that allow installing booths and 1 terrace. The terrace and lounges can also be used for coffee breaks.

      Our workshop Gordion-VI is sunlit and has a door that opens to the terrace. This terrace can also be used for small-scaled gala dinners and welcome cocktails.
    • Ayscha Saloon
      Located on the same floor as the meeting rooms and workshops, Ayscha Saloon can also be used as a booth. The greatest advantage this area offers is there being Ayscha Saloon Bar located within the booth area and a large, long terrace; both places where guests can go during their coffee breaks.

      This area also has a corner with a fireplace that is used during the winter. This corner is set for senior protocol participants of our meeting groups.
    • VIP Privileges
      All our meeting rooms and workshop halls are located close by, on the same floor. This allows the agency to supervise the schedule of the meetings and keeps everything under control in terms of operations.

      There is also two à la carte restaurants on the same floor as the convention and meeting rooms so our senior or protocol guests can move right on to dinner after their meetings.
    GORDION 578 35 x 16.5 4,2 750 450 350 -
    GORDION I 223 13.5 x 16.5 4,2 320 160 120 48 - 70
    GORDION II 182 11 x 16.5 4,2 240 140 110 48 - 70
    GORDION III 182 11 x 16.5 4,2 240 140 110 48 - 70
    GORDION I-II 405 24.5 x 16.5 4,2 480 310 200 -
    GORDION II-III 363 22 x 16.5 4,2 420 290 185 -
    GORDION IV 53 7.5 x 7 4,2 30 - 24 25
    GORDION V 84 15 x 5.6 3,2 90 - 40 35
    GORDION VI 124 16 x 7.5 2,8 80 - 60 35
    GORDION VII 102 15.6 x 6.4 3,3 80 - 60 35
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